Privacy Notice


This notice explains what personal data we hold in connection with our clients, how and why we use it, who we share it with and how we protect it.

Data Protection Officer

Mr A L Hall (Director)

Nature of Personal Data Held

Limited to name, telephone number(s), postal address, E-mail address, appointment held (e.g. Churchwarden, Organist etc). We do not hold any Client financial details.

Reason We Need to Hold Personal Data

To enable us to contact an authorised person (e.g. Churchwarden) to make appointments to visit the church/premises to conduct contract work, scheduled tunings or maintenance on the organ.

To enable staff or authorised sub-contractors to collect, where appropriate, keys to premises and/or to the organ where these are held by a key holder appointed by the Client.

To enable invoices for work carried out to be sent to an authorised person (usually the Treasurer) for payment.

To have available names and telephone numbers of appropriate agents of the Client (e.g. Vicar or Churchwardens) for use in exceptional situations where, for unforeseen reasons, access arrangements have broken down.

To enable direct communication with the Organist to discuss reports of problems experienced with the organ.

How We Protect Personal Data

The personal data is held on a computer protected, by password, which is not connected to the internet. The data is not shared with anyone except staff and authorised sub-contractors and not passed on to any other organisation. Data sheets issued to staff are destroyed after use to minimise data breach. Remittance advice notes are also destroyed. The data will be held for a period of 6 years, thereafter being deleted, or until such a time where the data subject notifies us that he/she no longer acts as a contact of the Client, or no longer consents to us holding their data.

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